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Class Descriptions


Barre is a combination of exercise styles focusing on toning every muscle with an emphasis on core strength.  It combines some ballet inspired movements along with elements of Pilates and strength training to give you a strong, toned body.  Barre is a rhythmic workout set to fun, uplifting music. Absolutely no dance experience is required though. High intensity, low impact movements to get the heart rate elevated for cardio. Finish the workout with deep stretching in the cool down for a truly full body experience.
*All barre classes are offered virtually also.

Express Barre

Everything described above packed into 45 minutes. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Flow yoga emphasizes a sequence of movement between postures, coordinated with mindful breathing. The practice becomes a moving meditation that creates an energetic balance of strength, flexibility and fluidity. Learning to stay present and breathe through challenge on the mat guides our nervous system to stay calm in times of stress off the mat. Expect a fully balanced class of forward bends, twists, backbends with opportunity for inversions and arm balances. All levels are welcome to join this vigorous practice of growing stronger in body, mind and spirit. 

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a slower paced practice that aims to softly open the body by means of breath work, smaller low impact movements, and more time to linger between poses. This more simplified practice offers the opportunity to build body awareness and quiet the mind, while reducing stress and strain on the joints and muscles. Great for all levels.

HIIT Barre

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is more cardio intensive than the other classes at PBCT. It's designed to push YOUR max effort with specific moves followed by short periods of rest. All exercises can be done high or low impact with modifications shown. Strength training and muscle isolations are also incorporated for metabolic burn. 


Yogalates is an active practice blending the PilatesTM Mat program with Vinyasa Yoga. Performed in a dynamic flow set to music, the contracting movements of Pilates and expansive movements of Yoga complement one another to offer a no-impact, vigorous, full-body work-out. This class is suitable for all ages and body types; modifications are offered for varying abilities and all students will leave feeling stronger, standing taller, and moving more flexibly.

Power Hour

Designed to be accessible to everyone while challenging your limits, Power Hour is a one-hour class incorporating traditional and functional strength training, pilates, and power core movements to build strength, sculpt the body and increase muscle endurance. No two of these high energy, heart pumping classes are the same; and each is carefully designed to incorporate a full body workout. With a focus on form and technique, we meet you where you are and you make your class your own - choosing your own weights and guided with modifications. Classes always include weight work; but may also use bands, balls, blocks and other equipment. Join us to unleash your inner POWER.

Stretch & Sculpt

This class focuses on mobility, toning and awareness. It incorporates active and static stretching along with intentional breathing to find the full benefits of each position. Holding positions with mindful engagement as well as flow through low impact movement patterns on the mat to get the heart rate slightly elevated. We end the class with gentle slef-myofascial release techniques using foam rollers.

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