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Looking youthful after practicing Face Yoga

It's only been a couple weeks now but I absolutely notice a difference in my face since I started doing face yoga every night. Never heard of it?? It involves a series of massage patterns and exercises that helps smooth your skin and relieve tension. We all hold tension somewhere in our bodies and often it is in the face when we convey how we feel through our repeated expressions. For me it has always been a furrowing in my brow line that has created a deep wrinkle crease. Thankfully I have seen them slowly reduce because of face yoga. No, I am not a spokesperson for any techniques or products. I simple want to share a healthy, inexpensive way to look and feel better that has worked for me. It does require consistency, so a routine every morning or night using your favorite facial oil or cream. There are many more benefits to this practice. Check out one of my favorite links to get you started.

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