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How to Stay Motivated When Life Gets in the Way

Congratulations, you've started a workout routine! Wahoo! It feels so good to exercise and release endorphins, burn calories, tighten up those long lost muscles and maybe even drop a couple pounds. But then life happens. COVID literally stopped all of our routines dead in their tracks. Eventually, over time we adapted or adjusted to the "new normal". Two years later, life has for the most part, finally returned to what we remember. It is inevitable though that something will come between you and getting to a class: Illness, kids, pets, vacation, new job, weather... you name it.

So how do you stay motivated in an exercise routine?

1. Set goals and rewards.

Set small, easily attainable goals as well as big picture goals that create a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Add a reward or incentive for reaching your goal to give you that extra motivation.

Example: If I work out 3 times a week for a month, I will treat myself to a new workout outfit. Or, maybe the reward IS the goal... like when you are able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans again!

Tip: If you write your goal on a piece of paper and put it somewhere that you can look at everyday, you have a greater chance for success.

2. Accountability.

If you struggle with sticking to an exercise routine, find a friend who can help motivate you. Bonus, you can squeeze in some Q.T. with your bestie :)

3. Have fun.

Exercise should be fun and evoke feel good emotions. You are more likely to stick with a fitness program when you enjoy it. We've all heard the phrase, "enjoy the journey as much as the destination". Find a fitness program that makes working out FUN and crushing your goals easy!

4. Plan your week.

Sign up for classes for the week and do your best to stick to that schedule. There are definitely days that we can talk ourselves out of a workout, but gently remind yourself "I'm going to go to class today because I know I will feel so much better after". Self pep talks are definitely a thing ;)

Find your "Why". This will look different for everyone. Be positive and kind with yourself. You deserve to be healthy and feel good. When you hit one of life's roadblocks, don't give up! Remember how good it feels to move and sweat, to challenge yourself and to conquer your goals.

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