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New Year, New Goals?

You might have seen this amazing lady in class. Whether in a Yoga or barre class, Anna Schatz adds such a bright light of energy to the studio! Anna is going for her Master's degree in Public Health at Tulane University and is working on completing an internship through our studio. You can read her blog post below on setting goals. And she knows a little something about making goals and sticking to them! She was determined to run 26.2 miles at age 26 and after a well laid plan, plenty of hard work and determination she completed her first marathon on December 3rd 2022!!

We are so incredibly proud!!

New Year, New Goals?

By Anna Schatz

For many, a new year can bring an opportunity to set new goals or expectations for the upcoming twelve months. Whether or not you set specific New Year’s Resolutions, setting goals or considering how you want your life to look in the future can be a useful way to ensure you are growing and creating the life you want! This new year does not need to be structured within the confines of strict goals, but it can be fun or helpful to think about a few things that you would like to continue doing, stop doing, or start doing this year! Perhaps you have an overarching year-long goal for 2023 (example: by 2024, I will be able to comfortably use the 3 pound weights in barre class), perhaps you have a goal you will work towards in a certain month next year (example: for the month of June, I will go on a 30 minute walk every day), perhaps you start working towards a new goal now (example: tomorrow, I will start having one cup of coffee per day rather than two), or perhaps you do not set a specific goal, but generally work towards doing the things that make you feel like yourself.

Why does goal setting work? It helps to drive your behavior or energy in a certain direction. Every day, we wake up and we have the opportunity to make a series of decisions that impact how our day will go. If we have a goal, we are more likely to take actions that lead us towards achieving that goal. If we have a direction we are trying to go, we can focus on what factors in our life will help us to achieve that goal. For example, if my goal is to use the 3 pound weights in barre class, I am more likely to keep attending classes to build my strength!

Setting and achieving goals does not have to be hard! Setting small goals or steps can go a long way in achieving a long-term or larger goal. Specifically, having smaller goals can make the larger goal you have feel less intimidating or far off. If your goal is to use the 3 point weights in barre class, maybe you start with a smaller goal of using the 3 pound weights once a week or once a month and move up from there. Setting incremental milestones goes a long way in keeping you motivated and seeing progress!

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what are they? Outside of New Year’s Resolutions, are there any goals you are working towards?

Coming soon is a post on the power of reflection, how that impacts our goals, and using reflection to continue living or creating the life you want!

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